How To Win Buyers With Keywords


How To Win Buyers With Keywords – 5 Secret Tricks!

Keyword research is one of the most common questions asked about by marketers. The most common question is how do I find buyers online for my products or services? The answer relates directly to how effectively you do keyword research so you can get in front of your target market and deliver exactly what they are searching for on the internet.  In this keyword research tutorial I will reveal keyword research tools and keyword research software to help you win more buyers.  You’ll also discover keyword research tips about how to do keyword popularity research.

What Does Keyword Research Mean?

keyword research

In order to understand my answer to that question, you must first understand what is meant by the term “keyword” or “keyword phrase.”  A keyword or keyword phrase is one or more words which a potential customer uses to search the internet for a particular product or service.  Keyword research is the method marketers use to find and research these keywords or keyword phrases to determine which to use to create content and rank better in search engines.

How Important Is Keyword Research? Keyword Research Tips

Keyword research is most likely the most crucial element in any Internet marketing or Search Engine Optimization project, and one that every online entrepreneur wishes to be successful performing.  Your choice of keyword phrases ought to be targeted to the right type of traffic that goes through your site– web traffic that transforms into paying clients. If you utilize the incorrect sets of keywords, you’ll just draw in traffic that will not add to your company bottom line.  That is why correct keyword research lies at the heart of an effective Internet marketing project. Click “more” to watch video…

If specific keywords or keyword phrases explain exactly what your site content is all about, that would be utilizing the best keyword phrase. Preferably, you must look for keywords that a great deal of individuals are utilizing through online searches. Understanding why keyword research is so important is the first step to online marketing success.

Keyword Research For Niche Sites

Lots of niche websites fail due to the fact that of some easy keyword research has failed to take place. If you follow this keyword research guide action by action, your possibilities of success with your own niche website will be much higher. For niche website marketers, keyword research is 80% of the determining factors for success.  It will either make or break your niche website profits and success.

Traffic (visitors) produced from the online search engines is called organic traffic. This is the greatest converting and most important traffic for you as a niche marketer. Proper keyword research for your niche website will bring you a share of this organic traffic or visitors. Whenever you are dealing with a niche site, you should rank on the very first page for premium traffic.  Very few people search beyond page one when looking for a particular product or service.niche research keywords

During your niche keyword popularity research, you are trying to discover what marketers refer to as Golden Keywords.  Golden keywords are the most important keywords online. These are the ones that will make you more sales and profits than any other keywords in your niche.  The search volume for the keyword is not as crucial as it was years ago.  Today keyword intent brings a lot more value and favor from search engines.  You want find keywords related to solving a problem, even if the search volume is lower than other keywords which do not solve a problem for the searcher.

Keyword Popularity Research – Keyword Search Terms

The four essential factors found with a Golden Keyword are:  (1) Search Intent, (2) Low Competition, (3) Search Volume, and (4) Buyer Actionable.  In regard to buyer actionable, you want to find keywords like “discounts” and “best” attached or preceding your keyword.  You would also look for “cheap” or “reviews” preceding or following the keyword.  When someone is ready to buy a product or service, they typically carry out keyword search terms with the item or service name followed by these buyer keywords.

Where can you find keywords for your niche?  One resource to use are online forums.  Online forums are like having live focus groups within your reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  One method to discover online forums where your target market hangs out is to utilize these search strings in Google:  “keyword” + “forum”, “keyword” + “board”, “keyword” + “online forum”.  The forums you find from the search results are normally divided into different segments.  Each of these areas is frequently a niche market. To dig much deeper, have a look at a few of the threads on the forum to discover other niche markets your perfect target market comes from.

Another resource to use to find niche market keywords is Wikipedia.  Head over to Wikipedia and type in a broad keyword. That will take you to the Wikipedia entry for that broad subject. Look for the “contents” area of the page. And have a look at the other areas of the page. A few of these areas will be killer niche markets that you might not have actually discovered otherwise.

longtail pro keyword softwareKeyword Research For Long Tail Buyer Keywords

Now that you’ve determined a big group of niche markets it’s time to discover some keywords! The majority of people doing internet marketing divide keywords into 3 primary classifications: head, body and the (long) tail. Let’s take a close look at each classification and learn why I recommend targeting long tail keywords in your niche.

Head Keywords: These are typically single-word keywords with ridiculous quantities of search volume and competitors (for instance, “weight loss” or “wine”). Since searcher intent is all over the location (somebody looking for “weight loss” may be searching for information about weight loss results, a list of weight loss systems or a meaning of the word), Head Keywords generally do not bring you actual buyers and are extremely difficult to rank for in Google.

Body Keywords: Body keywords are 2-3 word phrases that get good search volume (a minimum of 1,000 searches each month). These are much more targeted than Head Keywords. Keywords like “weight loss products” or “order wine online” are examples of Body Keywords. These usually have lower competitors than Head Terms.  Unfortunately, these can still be extremely competitive and difficult to rank for in the search engines.

Long Tail Keywords: Long tail keywords are long, 4+ word phrases that are generally really targeted in regard to the interest of the searcher. Phrases like “cheap weight loss products for new mothers” and “order red wine aerator online” are examples of long tail keywords. Although they do not get a great deal of search volume in themselves — when totaled– long tails comprise most of the searches online.  Long tail keywords are much easier to rank for on Google and generally have lower competition.  The very nature of many long tail keywords is buyer actionable since the search intent is to find a product or service to purchase.  Here is an informative video about…

My Favorite Keyword Research Software

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Keyword Research Tools For Content Marketing

Content is becoming more and more important to the search engines.  Google no longer evaluates a web page based upon the primary keyword.  It now ranks pages based upon relevance.  Relevance is based upon the entire content of the web page as it relates to your primary keyword.  Google counts on the browsed keyword history, individual information, previous habits and other information, to offer searchers the most relevant links in the results returned for that searcher.

Rather of utilizing the keywords precisely and consistently in your article, break down each keyword phrase in the inquiry to make your content significant. Your objective must be to determine the relationship between the specific keyword search phrase and make your page match the intent of the search.

Because long-tail keywords inform far more about the searcher, it’s much easier to produce focused-content for them. Posts including long-tail variations of your target keyword are preferred by Google.  Be sure to use LSI keywords in your content.  LSI refers to “Latent Semantic Indexing” and are basically keywords semantically related to your lsi keyword researchprimary keyword used in your content.  Google links these LSI keywords to your primary keyword when determining the relevance of your web page.  Here is a great resource to use to find LSI keywords:

LSI Graph

When you used LSI keywords in your content, instead of repeating your primary keyword, Google is able to determine the theme of your webpage.  If you regularly create content around long-tail keywords and LSI keywords, you’ll see a boost in search traffic, an increase in rankings, and more paying customers for your service or product.

Research– especially of long-tail keywords– can assist you to craft the kind of content that engages and motivates readers. A recent research study reveals that effective on-page optimization needs 50% of your focus to be on long-tail keywords. To utilize these keywords for a piece of content, compose a single piece and utilize each long-tail keyword for your subtitle and bullet points. The intent behind any specific keyword is far more essential than the keyword itself.

People who type detailed long tail keyword phrases are normally more likely to buy than those who type head keywords. This means your conversion rates are greater for long-tail keywords as compared with head keywords. When searchers are all set to purchase, they utilize keywords showing commercial intent.  Here are some examples:  buy fat burner supplements, Amazon Fire Stick reviews, and where to buy wine gift baskets.

Commercial keywords (buyer keywords) generally consist of particular prefixes (words that appear prior to) or suffixes (words that appear after), which customize or define the long-tail keywords.  Here are the most common used:  buy, order, free shipping, discount, review, coupon, discount price.content marketing keyword research

You’ll normally discover both informational and commercial intent keywords in your research. With consistency, you can enhance your search ranking targeting these keywords by providing in-depth content that benefits the searcher. You’ll also have a much better understanding of the sort of keywords that your target niche is typing into Google search. Target these keywords, offering relevant details and you’ll enjoy more sales and more profit.

Content marketing has actually seen an incredible adoption by brands. The issue is that the majority of companies do not have enough patience. They cannot wait 6 months or more to see traffic rolling to their site. Too many marketers and companies fail to create content relevant to the search intent of their target market.  When they discover it may take months to see results, they desert content marketing completely.

The Perfect Content Choice – Video

Online video is the fastest growing content marketing choice. Videos are incredibly reliable for enhancing a potential buyer’s understanding of your service or product. For specific intricate topics, videos are the finest content type for supplying context and descriptions. Visual presentations are easily remembered by your target market and often result in better marketing content

In 2015, videos grew most among all content types. Industry experts anticipate that video will make up 70% of all web traffic by 2017. Video content is critically important today because of the large number of people using mobile. Checking out written content, particularly on mobile screens, is rather agonizing. Individuals choose to take in video content because it’s quick and easy to access. Videos do not simply get the interest of your reader. They get greater engagement, cause more conversions and increase your bottom line.

Facebook presented videos and, in January, 2016, they reported reaching 100 million hours of video watch time, each day. Quickly enough, they recognized that live videos were getting much better engagement in the news feeds. In March, 2016, they began dealing with live video as a brand-new content type. This would be an excellent way for a marketer or company to create engagement from followers. You could do a “Question and Answer” segment about your products or services and get substantial engagement from your followers.

How To Do Keyword Research – Keyword Research Tools

Now let’s look at a step-by-step system you can follow using free online keyword research tools to discover Golden Long Tail Keywords.  Your first stop will be the related keyword tool where you’ll find the “related keywords tool” for discovering keywords related to your primary to do keyword research

In this example I entered my primary keyword which is wine aerator.  You should then choose the “Level 3” option for the search.  You’ll find some great long tail keywords under the level 3 result section, but you’ll also discover many under level 2 also.

Some long tail keywords found in this search included:  “best red wine aerator reviews” … “vinturi deluxe red wine aerator reviews” … “wine decanter aerator amazon” … “rojaus grapevine wine decanter aerator and dispenser” … and “aerating wine glass amazon.”

You can download the results returned and carefully study the list.  You can use this information to discover new keyword opportunities your competitors may be ignoring, and create fresh targeted content around these new opportunities!  This is a tool and way to find long tail keywords your competitors probably do not use or know about.

Another tool to find great long tail keywords is “Answer The Public” which gives you actual questions searchers are using when searching for your product or service. In this example I entered the keyword “wine aerator” and discovered 30 questions.  The search also returned 68 additional keywords and 39 keywords from prepositions.  You can and should use these to create posts or articles (content) on your site.  In this example I could use the question “what is a wine aerator decanter” to create my content.  Different questions could be used for sub-headings throughout the content you create for your website.

Win buyers now utilizing these 5 secret tricks revealed for doing keyword research.